Visitorguru – Lobby Management software

Visitorguru is lobby management software that enables quick and efficient regulation of visitor/ vendor/ material IN-&-OUT of the company. Built with latest .NET technology; Simple GUI = Ease of use; Eliminate human errors. Analyze / investigate / Navigate through records.


VISITORGURU is lobby management software. You can secure your work place protect your data, streamline your front office, generate analysis report of the visitors / vendor / couriers / vehicle movement Print the visitor badges.

Why switch to VISITORGURU?

In today scenario security concern have very much important to all size organization, IT & ITES company have taken lead in enabling the security systems also moved to other sector using guns-and-guards. While manned security is the first layer of deterrence , several companies now use CCTV's , Biometric devise ,RFID & bar coded tags to introduce new layer of access control Yes, its time now to change from conversational booking system to monitor the visitors / vendors / material movements ,etc move to faster, easy & quick automate secured system 'Visitorguru' .

Security personal

  • Capture the Visitor & Vendors photo
  • Pay Slip , PF , Loan , Leave reports
  • Generates the Visitor or Vendor pass
  • Monitors the baggage’s details like laptop ,etc
  • Informing the concern person through sms, email or extension no

Capture the details of Vehicles / Couriers / Material / etc

  • Capture the details of material nature and IN & OUT Info & Authorization person to receive or send the materials information.
  • Capture the details of couriers details IN / OUT
  • Capture the details of Company vehicle movement & information of Insurance expiry/ Road tax & driver details
  • Fuel Indent generation & monitoring the distance travelled (KMS)